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Our optical offers a wide range of eyewear, from contact lenses of all types to designer frames to children’s glasses. Our optometry practice provides the full-service package. Schedule an appointment today with our eye doctor!

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Q&A with Dr. Mattson

Dr. Mattson Answers Your Eyecare Questions

Why do I have to have my eyes dilated?

A thorough, dilated exam allows your optometrist to do a complete exam of the retina, and that is important to do throughout your life, as several eye diseases and conditions are detected at their earliest stages during a thorough eye exam:

  • Diabetes
  • Eye tumors
  • High blood pressure
  • Infectious diseases
  • Macular degeneration
  • Retinal detachmentGlaucoma

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dry-eye-man rubbing eyeEye Doctor Specialty:
Dry Eye Treatment

What are the symptoms of dry eye syndrome? Dry Eye is characterized by symptoms including scratchy, red, gritty-feeling eyes, and sometimes excess tearing, dry eyes can cause real discomfort. Our optometrists in Lakeville, MN treat dry eyes!


Specs4Us are frames specially designed to fit children and adults with Down Syndrome and others with special needs. This innovative eyeglass design includes a bridge which is adjusted to properly fit a low nasal bridge and temples (or “arms” of the glasses) which are modified to keep the glasses from constantly slipping down. Read more...

Dr. Andrew Mattson’s Lakeville optometry clinic focuses on quality, personalized eye care for both you and your family. Our practice is conveniently located in Lakeville, MN, near Burnsville, Farmington, Prior Lake, Northfield, and Elko New Market. Drop by today for an eye exam with our optometrist!

We stay on top of the latest advances in diagnostic technology, and offer a wide range of optometric services, including advance testing for ocular conditions, comprehensive eye exams, pre and post-operative management for both LASIK and cataract surgeries, and contact lens fittings.

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