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Send Your Child To School With Good Vision

As you might have guessed, a lot of school-based learning is achieved visually. Despite the well-known connection between vision and learning, a lot of people underestimate or are simply unaware of the significance of vision problems, and as a result, don't include a visit to the eye doctor as part of their child's back to school preparations. As your kid's vision may change frequently, regular eye exams are necessary for success at school.

School-aged children possess an impressive ability to carry on, despite having a vision problem. As children go through school, it becomes increasingly important to keep an eye on their eyesight. Warning signs may include trouble seeing numbers or letters, watery eyes and frequent eye rubbing, extra close reading distance, avoiding small print, and head tilting.

Struggling to meet the visual demands of schoolwork can noticeably affect their academic performance. New educational technology, like interactive whiteboards, can sometimes provoke less obvious vision problems. When a student doesn't have good enough vision, it isn't just their academic life that is affected. It's mentally and emotionally tough on them too.

If you're the parent of a child who wears glasses already, now is also a great time to see if their current frames are suitable and comfortable. If you want the student to wear his glasses, he better like them!

Find a good time to stop by to see us as part of your back-to-school routine. We'll do our very best to help our young patients commence the year afresh with their vision in check.