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Nutritional and Prescription Medications for Treating Dry Eyes

Depending on the severity and causes of your dry eyes, our Lakeville eye doctors can recommend various treatment options. Here is one option we often recommend.

Restasis: A Perscription Approach to Treating Chronic Dry Eyes

restasis | Burnsville eye doctorIn cases of chronic dry often, we often see patients who have a decreased ability to produce tears. This occurs because of the constant inflammation they experience. Unlike simulated tears, Restasis is a prescription eyedrop which has been clinically proven to increase the eye’s ability to make its own tears. Instead of having to constantly replenish your eyes’ moisture, with Restasis you are actually stimulating your eyes to make more tears over time.

When do I need prescription eye drops and when is a dietary supplement enough?

Typically, Restasis is used for chronic cases, while HydroEye or another recommended omega-3 supplement usually can and should be used in most cases even as a preventative measure and to maintain optimal eye health.

Our eye doctors are experts in treating dry eye syndrome and will diagnose and guide you through the right treatment plan for you. You don’t have to continue to suffer. Book an appointment with our Lakeville dry eye specialist today.