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LATISSE: Sometimes More Really IS More

Are your lashes thinning over time, or do you feel you don’t have enough lashes?

LATISSE in Lakeville, MN Eye DoctorEyelashes that are thick and dark make you beautiful. Mascara and eyeliner can only do so much to improve the look of your lashes. If you want longer, fuller and darker eyelashes consider LATISSE™.

LATISSE ™ is a safe, effective treatment that actually makes your eyelashes grow. The liquid is applied to the lash line every day, and in a few weeks, your eyelashes will be noticeably longer and thicker.

Grow your lashes. Get down to the root. Get LATISSE™.

LATISSE™ for lashes is thought to work in 2 ways. First, it increases the growth period, so your eyelashes grow for a longer time, and you get more extension. Second, it stimulates the hair follicles and boosts the number of lashes that grow during that growth period. So you get more lashes.

Like teeth whitening which is cosmetic LATISSE™ amplifies your eyelashes gradually. Growth takes time, and you can expect the results to take a few weeks to become visible, but it’s worth the daily regimen for gorgeous lashes. Now you can have the look you always wanted for your eyelashes. Patient history to determine vision difficulties experienced by the patient that may limit their daily activities and other general health concerns affecting vision.

Intensify your lash line. Enhance your eyes.

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