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Daily Disposable Contacts

The Benefits of Dailies

In the competition for contact lens popularity, dailies are rapidly gaining attention as the favorite type over all others. These contacts typically feel comfortable and provide crisp vision upon your first insertion, with no adaptation period. Read on to see why dailies may be your No. 1 contact lens option.

What are Dailies?

Contact lenses come in a range of types, with different wearing schedules. Daily disposables are intended to be worn only once, for a single day. You insert them in the morning, wear them throughout the whole day, remove them at bedtime and toss them in the garbage. The next morning, you open a new package and insert a fresh pair of contacts. If this convenience and ease sounds appealing to you, call to schedule an appointment and contact lens eye exam in our optometry office in Lakeville, MN

Are Dailies Right for You?

Our eye doctors will perform a thorough contact lens fitting and eye exam to determine the ideal prescription for you. Not only is it critical to match your vision prescription to the most suitable contact lenses, but your daily habits and lifestyle are also significant. During your visit, we will ask you to share details about your regular routine, personal preferences, and activities.

What are the Benefits of Dailies?

  • There is no routine cleaning and disinfection before you go to sleep. Therefore, you never have to purchase costly cleaning solutions, and getting ready for bed each night is a much shorter process!
  • There is no time for allergens, such as dust or pollen, to accumulate on your contacts, so symptoms of eye allergies are often alleviated
  • Protein deposits, cosmetics, and hairspray residue do not build up on your lenses, so they are always comfortable
  • Remembering when to discard your lenses is simple. You’ll never need to mark reminders on your calendar
  • People who travel frequently love the simplicity of bringing only spare pairs of contact lenses, instead of a whole kit with disinfectants and supplies
  • Teens and busy adults tend to neglect proper contact lens hygiene. With daily disposables, cleaning is a thing of the past, and switching contacts is ultra-easy

Are Daily Disposable Contacts Healthier?

A number of medical research studies have shown that dailies lead to fewer eye complications than other contact lenses, such as irritation and infections. Dailies are ideal for children and teens, as this age group has a tendency to neglect regular disinfecting and proper storage of contact lenses – and improper hygiene puts eye health at risk. Also, since the lenses are thrown out daily, the risk of a corneal injury from wearing a damaged or torn lens is also reduced.

For more information about dailies, contact our eye care clinic. We also stock a wide inventory of contact lenses; stop by anytime to replenish your supply.